Friends of St. John the Caregiver

Members' Roles

At the Foot of the Cross

The model for the Friends of the St. John the Caregiver, and the ministry it provides within a parish and diocese, is the scene that’s found at the foot of the cross. Here are:

Our Lady in Need

St. John the Caregiver

The Faithful Followers of Christ

Who Are We Today?

Over a lifetime, who we are at the foot of the cross will vary. Sometimes we will be the one providing care. At other times, we will be the one helping someone who offers care. And, at still other times, we will be the one in need of care.

No matter which vocation God is calling us to at a particular time in our life, no matter the challenges it brings, we are never there alone.

At the foot of the cross, we are with Jesus.

St. John the Caregiver, pray for us.